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Paver Installation


Pavers are the ideal solution for walkways and patios as their unmatched strength, durability, and flexibility will add beauty to your home for years to come. It has never been easier to create a unique look to your outdoor living space than with Los 2 BB Landscaping line of concrete pavers.

We can install all ranges and styles of natural stone and manufactured concrete pavers. Skilled at installing pavers on your driveway, walkway, terrace or patio area. From standard concrete pavers to decorative flagstone style pavers. Free consultations, 7 days a week.

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Driveway Contractor

We provide a comprehensive package to all our customers, compromising of consultation, survey, design and installation of a wide range of asphalt, concrete pavers, masonry and imprint concrete for all your driveway and patio needs.

Based in Ontario, CA, Los 2 BB Landscaping will provide free consultations and advice regarding your driveway needs.

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Block & Brick


The unparalleled design and quality of natural stone is sometimes just what the project demands.

Los 2 BB Landscaping will perform an exceptional job laying manufactured and natural stone, as well as all kinds of blocks and bricks ensuring that they are laid by design, size and color, as requested. We pride ourselves in leaving the project with a clean look to every exterior application. Both thin and full brick, we ensure to our customer that the product we install is to their liking as well as their standard.

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